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released March 26, 2013

Nick Burger - Guitar & Vocals

Recorded February-March 2013
Engineered, mixed & mastered by Tim Hall.
Produced by Nick Burger and Tim Hall.

Additional guitar on [Love/Death Part 2] by Tim Hall.
Additional vocals on [Words We Never Speak] by Liz Dooher.
Additional vocals on [You Were Probably Right All Long, Jack] by Anthony Musior.



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Ahnest! Syracuse, New York

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Track Name: [Love/Death Part 2]
I don't want to drag you down so cut the rope I'm sinking like a stone
Track Name: [12/01/12]
I walked the streets of Charlotte and talked to a girl that I could love but it made no sense it was all made up so I drove to Tennessee my second family but I never ever ever stay long enough until I'm searching through the graves in the town of Sainte Marie to try to find what's left in me on the balcony of an unfamiliar bar I wore the scars of a lonely broken heart so she took me to her home and ran her fingers through my hair but it made no sense we just pretend to care and I thought I had buried these thoughts but they keep digging themselves back up well I was just three hours west of the town that I call home and it all made sense I have got to keep on going I have never felt so free to try to find what's best in me I'm not telling you I want this just telling myself it's what I need I've learned the most about myself on foreign city streets and I can honestly say that I don't belong anywhere but halfway to the next town on the map
Track Name: [Words We Never Speak]
Turn on the light turn up the heat and put on the coffee brush off the dust from the notebooks I've been avoiding I find it difficult to compose on these lines when everything about you had a curve of some kind don't hate me for the words that I write I never could hate me for the ones that I don't I know we're falling apart as I reeled in the anchor the flood gates broke and you were far away and I drowned alone alone alone and you were far away and I drowned but I smiled cause I knew you were home yea I smiled cause I knew there was hope yea I smiled cause I knew there was hope I've been keeping secrets from you I've been keeping secrets too
Track Name: [You Were Probably Right All Along, Jack] featuring Anthony Musior of The Traditional
It's another year that came and went distracted by the bustling of feet that drag the pavement without ever missing a beat a beat a beating that we take willingly wish my old friend would sing again but there's a cold dead tree inside of him I never understood what that meant but now I see ever so clearly sometimes things don't work sometimes we get hurt it's another year for shouting out the changes that we boast about but in the wake of fireworks still left with cold dead leaves leaves leaving us feeling empty well alter all tear all again like we might find something so different running in circles with calendars well it never really ends sometimes things don't work sometimes we get hurt bashed in knocked out black eyed lock jawed swollen bloody mess sticks and stones and broken bones left always second best sometimes things don't work sometimes we get hurt