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Down With The Ship

by Ahnest!

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released February 17, 2012

Recorded, Mixed/Mastered by Steve Sopchak at The Square Studio. Produced by Nick Burger, Steve Sopchak, Trevor Grant, Brian Parker, Jack Nolan, Brendan Gosson, and Liz Dooher.

Artwork by Aviva Oskow.



all rights reserved


Ahnest! Syracuse, New York

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Track Name: Or A Reasonable Facsimile Thereof
Hidden machinery moves with the clouds and for a moment it's golden until it spits it back out and my head is attached to me shoulders but sometimes I forget such is my wasted self but who's to say that beauty in meaning could out weigh beauty in a mess and who's to say that either one was or was not the others second guess

She's a liar and I won't confide in her she's a liar and I won't confide in her

Well, the clouds moved out and you moved south and you were never worth the words that came falling out my mouth so where do we go from here where do we go from here you always said if we ever fell the worst thing we could do is never tell so I opened my voice let me vocal chords ring the last song about you I'll ever sing

I don't have love for you anymore
Track Name: Anchors In The Sky
I walk to work in a brisk cold and in the sky a lonely cloud stretching its smile across the horizon can trick my mind that it is an island and I will dive into the biggest ocean I've seen in my life

Don't send for help I'll tread the breeze and as it retreats all of the words that you've said will break free and scatter like the leaves from the trees and I will drive into the most beautiful sunrise I've seen in my whole life

I'll melt away in an autumn heat and evaporate into the air so that when you breathe it can fill up your lungs with a melody to sing soft and slowly and I will glide into the sweetest lullaby I've heard in life

and I will slide away into the dark for a while or just until I got it figured out
and I will slide away into the dark for a while or just until I gotta figure out
My whole life
Track Name: Old Missouri Backroads
People tell me they're headed west well I say don't take that highway 36 that's where the devil lives and people tell me that they're headed north well I say you got to avoid the cold I'm headed for the coast

All the money that I've wasted on trains always headed for the same damn place I need a town without a name

People tell me that I need to pray or there's no space in the afterlife for me I'm living to die and people tell me that this is it well if this is the end I'm going down with ship cause I'm dying to live

And I left my grace in your hands to keep in safe but I bite my tongue every time I'd like to say that I hate you for what you've done
Track Name: Color Me Colorado
Lately I've been going out at night and I try to find a cup of coffee underneath the dim light I wear my keys around my neck dangling close against my chest so that when my heart stops they can unlock my secrets lately I've been staying out of sight and I try to find a stiff drink underneath a neon light I wear my Sunday's best and I'll always dress to impress so that I can bleach out the ink from your seven digit drunkeness

Color me Colorado I'm trekking out to find this lonely heart and I've never seen the sunset on the west coast but I know this girl in Casper and she is dreaming of bigger things in a bigger city and she will show me everything that we've been dreaming of

Lately I've been writing down my thoughts and I try to find a meaning behind them all and it helps a lot I wear my shoes one each in front of each of my feet so that the scenery changes every time that they meet lately I've been afraid of my own shadow I'm just trying to find my road but this situation's my scarecrow I wear my back to the Atlantic to shade my past but if my heart's anything like the engine then it won't last

[Jack Nolan] So color me what you will I've had my fill of what's falling down around me In this one trick town where you found me such a heavy heart that grounds me and its broken beat that keeps pounding
Track Name: Everyone, Everyone Is Also Free
Everything is different when everyday is always the same well I've got notebooks piled high but I still cannot find the right words to say and it's been months since I have spoken your name and even longer since I've seen your face I feel as though I've lost faith well it trickles down and it dissipates I certainly don't believe in love anymore I've yet to figure out myself so how could I figure out anybody else?
Track Name: Confusing Cloud
You woke up in your bed all alone and you sat and waited by the phone but nobody called you cause nobody loves no nobody loves you at all for a few years our love was intact but now it's a train wreck at best now when I write you letters I never send post to the words I'd much better forget so I guess what they said was true that I was no good for you but I can't be sorry for shedding my skin I gave more than my body day out and in

Is there anything beyond the stars we'll spend a lifetime trying to figure it out and if there's nothing what a terrible waste of time but making sense of everything just doesn't make sense in my mind

We broke down six days ago middle America nowhere Saint Josephs the river separates my freedom from the Atlantic Ocean's where I've always called home we never made it too far blame it on the greater will of God or the Karma well I'm not sure if I believe in either one it's a confusing cloud that we're all floating on drop me off where the trains congregate with a flask in my pocket I'm the rails that they skate I don't need to be bothered with the reasons they state I am stationary and it's the way that I'll stay

I spoke lies as the fireworks fly alone in my room on the fourth of July my friends are all out with family and lovers and I listen to the echo through a cracked open window while a firefly scuttles the floor trapped between my toes I'm a giant of sorts but it doesn't need to get it doesn't need to understand it just changes directions as fast as it can lighting up from it's fluorescent core as we send our men off like one thousand times before but it's been so long I can't even remember the reasons we're fighting this war

We're making machines we're all factories cardboard cutouts of our communities and we are not free no we don't believe porcelain bodies we're cracked at the knee
We're making machines we're all factories cardboard cutouts of our communities and we are not free no we don't believe it was quiet and subtle as we sank to the bottom of the sea
Track Name: Time To Waste
I dreamt up a tidal wave so high it grabbed all the satellites from sky and sent them crashing to the ground well I swooped down from a birds eye view and brought you back amongst the stars back where you belong

If you've got time to waste, waste it all on me we'll drive until the tank's on empty we'll pull off the boulevard and climb up the reservoir watch the city lights turn on and the sun turn off

I came to dig my toes into the sand and watch the waves crash the land just like you did to me but now the tide has come to sweep you off your feet and me into the sea

So turn off the radio and just sit here with me darling you have got to trust me
Track Name: I've Got A Friend
I've got a friend and he only sleeps during the day when the sun falls he night crawls back to the factory he's scratching the surface he's looking for a purpose his life in a circus he's going through the circuits singing

We don't need any of this we don't need any of this because we try so hard and we don't get too far and we don't need any of this

I've got a friend he's looking for conversation again where the words end up missing from some kind of misdirection from the moment they're spoken he's the silhouette of an addict he burns slow a cigarette his life is a protest he's letting go on regrets singing

I've got a friend he's moving to California he said he's looking for a current he gave up on his lovers because there's always another to love to love and as we get older the digging is over and we lie down in our graves now that we're older the searching is over and we stand before these golden gates singing